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Different brands with various advertisements assail our airwaves from time to time, each trying to carve a niche for itself among its kind. Various means, approaches and techniques are therefore employed to create a lingering impression through the advert so created. This book is an attempt to examine and evaluate the socio-cultural relevance and performance aesthetics embedded in some selected television adverts in Nigeria. Our aim is to expose how aspects of culture or a peoples worldview affect the way they interpret the message of advertisement; and to document a dimension of advertising for future reference. Through the parameters of primary and secondary data collation, we find out that an advertiser can attract consumers' attention via social integration of his product. Consequently, 'dramette' is proposed as the name for the peculiar drama forms inherent in ads, in order to properly dissect the symbiotic chord that binds drama to advertising. The analysis and proposition is considered apt for media practitioners, theatre workers, students and researchers alike in the mass communications, sociologists, anthropologists and academics in a broad spectrum of knowledge.
Emoruwa, Omolara Asiat holds a B.A. and Masters degree in Performing Arts in the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. She is a practicing actress, theatre administrator, and costume /make-up artiste with a strong passion for theatre and media art. She has several play productions to her credit.