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eBook - The Science of Sex
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You have in your hands the most rigorous, complete and readable book ever written about the fascinating science of human sexuality. This book goes beyond the well-worn sexual education advice and the usual evolutionist psychology. AfterThe Brain Snatcher, Pere Estupinyà comes back with the first popular science book on sex aimed at a wide audience. While there are some tips for the more adventurous, there is also a wealth of new information to be discovered.Distancing himself from the many books on advice or techniques, Estupinyà brings sex to another dimension by combining popular beliefs and science. Do you want proof that our decision-making in the heat of the moment is less rational than we think? Did you know that mind and vagina each go their own way? Are you interested in learning about the effects of yoga on sexual pleasure? Did you know about the attempts in the 60s to cure homosexuals with electric shock therapy, the chemical analysis of female ejaculation, or the fundamental relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system? The author has spoken directly with asexual and intersexual individuals, fetishists, multi-orgasmic women, women who never have orgasms through penetration, and men who have no refractory period. He has also participated in sadomasochistic events; learned tantric techniques with a couple of coaches, spoken with porn performers at Barcelonas Bagdad, and attended workshops in which a woman teaches how to have orgasms with your mind and breathing. The result is an incredible miscellany of information that appeals to both the scientific community and the curious.
Pere Estupinyà is a trained chemist and biochemist and a science communicator by vocation who, after a short time as a PhD researcher, switched to science journalism. After serving as the editor of a leading Spanish television program on science, he is currently the director and presenter of a new show on Spanish public television named after his book The Brain Snatcher. Pere Estupinyà has lectured on Science, Technology and Society at the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and spent an academic year at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow. He has been a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Organization Of American States (OAS) on topics concerning the improvement of science communications in Latin America. His remarkably transparent and clever writing led him to write about science in the main Spanish newspapers. In November 2010 Pere Estupinyà published his first book on science for the general public: El Ladrón de cerebros (The Brain Snatcher), which is now in its 5th reprinting. In summer 2011 he released the eBook Rascar donde no pica (To Scratch Where It Doesnt Itch), and in 2013 he published the Spanish and Catalan editions ofS=EX2. In 2016, Pere Estupinyà published his most recent book Comer cerezas con los ojos a ciegas (Eating Cherries with Blind Eyes). Pere Estupinyà lives in Washington, DC and Barcelona, and defines himself as a scientific omnivore who writes about science as an excuse to learn more about, and enjoy, its wonders.
INTRODUCTION 1. SEX IN OUR CELLS Looking for the hormones of desire Few differences between males and females The chemistry of our sexual behavior 2. SEX IN OUR GENITALIA Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves related to sexual arousal The erection of the penis and the clitoris Failure to perform or premature ejaculation due to stress Desire and arousal are not the same thing The orgasm depending on the distance between the clitoris and the vagina 3. SEX IN OUR BRAIN Science is more interesting than sex My orgasm under the fMRI Like-Want-Learn and the empire of the senses 4. SEX IN OUR MINDS Sex is an irrational act Measuring sexual arousal at Kingsley Institute The non-agreement between mind and female genitalia Surveys and statistics about sexuality A brief history of scientific research on sex 5. SEX IN OUR BED Scientists have trouble to find the G-spot The two kinds of feminine ejaculation The genetic component of the feminine multi-orgasm I was multi-orgasmic and I didnt know about it The coolidge effect and my jealousy towards men without a refractory period Masturbation and its disadvantages with respect to intercourse Vibrators, lubricants and aphrodisiacs to increase sexual pleasure The treacherous effect of alcohol on arousal and orgasms Motivations for anal sex The size of the penis does matter, the size of the clitoris, doesnt 6. SEX AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE Expectations and other masculine sexual dysfunctions Feminine concerns: the key is not desire but satisfaction Microorganisms that cohabit or invade our genitalia Sexually Transmitted Diseases 7. SEX IN NATURE Why do ducks have a penis but roosters dont? The origin of sex in bacteria, amebas and marine sponges Hermaphrodite potatoes and animal sex change Sexual dimorphism: weve only eaten female monkfish 8. SEX IN EVOLUTION The ovulation trap hidden inside of women Monogamy is natural, fidelity isnt Bonobos way of life: are you a bonobo or a chimpanzee? 9. SEX IN BARS Our partners beauty depends on our own The power of the subconscious in physical attraction Internet has only changed the first steps of the dating process Non-verbal signs of seduction The magic of a kiss Meaningless sex and the hookup culture 10. TO HAVE AN ORGASM WITH THE POWER OF THE MIND Hyperventilation to activate the sympathetic system Meditation and yoga increase sexual pleasure 11. PORNOGRAPHY: FROM DISTORTION TO EDUCATION Women prefer to watch lesbian porn rather than gay porn Porn can aggravate some problems, but it cant create new ones 12. MY HEAD HURTS, HONEY, LETS HAVE SEX TONIGHT Sexus sanus in corpore sano Corpus sanum in sexu sano Sex in the third age 13. SEX FOR PLEASURE AND LOVE ON A WHEELCHAIR Neurosurgery to recover genital sensitivity 14. SCIENCE AND SEX ORIENTATION Homosexual fluidity: behavior is not orientation Yes, one can be born gay Homophobia is pernicious, homosexuality isnt Does masculine bisexuality exist? Learning from asexual people 15. WIDENING HORIZONS AT S&M CLUBS When pain causes pleasure and soothes other kinds of pain Fetishists from head to toe Sexual fantasies: to inhibit sinful thoughts increases verbal and action sins 16. OBSESSION, IMPULSIVITY, LACK OF AUTOCONTROL AND OTHER DISORDERS Hipersexuality is not an addiction Paraphilias: when medical articles go beyond fiction Involuntary orgasms during rape 17. SEXUAL IDENTITES BEYON XX AND XY Intersexuality: when chromosomes and genitalia dont agree Transexuality: when the mind is in control Sex reassignment surgery and the real ghost limb 18. SOCIAL AND SEXUAL MONOGAMY GET ALONG AT SWINGERS CLUBS Polyamory and emotional monogamists Couple conflicts when sexual desire disappearsGenes dont justify infidelity Addicted to love EPILOGUE: SEX AND SCIENCE DONT END AT THE ORGASM AKNOWLEDGEMENTS BIBLIOPGRAPHY
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