Love without Borders - Rubio, the most loyal dog of the world (Hörbuch-Download, MP3)

Hörbuchdownload - A true story that touches your heart, Die Runde Ecke, Sprecher: Patrick Lynen/Olivia Sievers
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When the german stewardess Olivia Sievers flies to Argentina and meets the stray street dog Rubio, she does not know that this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship. While she hesitantly lets Rubio into her heart at first, the dog follows her all over Buenos Aires, all the way to her hotel. In front of the hotel their ways seperate. First. But the encounter has left deep traces. When Olivia is unable to travel to Argentina for three months, she learns from the hotel staff, that Rubio sits in front of her hotel every day and waits for her. After some detours and minor disasters, Olivia realizes that the time for a long-distance relationship is over. To save Rubio from the dangerous life as a street dog, she makes a consistent decision.Olivia Sievers heartwarmingly tells of a deep and extraordinary friendship that transcends all borders. A story that moved all of South America to tears.
German stewardess Olivia Sievers comes from the city of Bremen. First she shared her story on Facebook - just for her friends. Meanwhile, she touches hearts worldwide. The argentine television station "Noticiero Trece" reported, later "CNN" and the british newspaper "Daily Mail".